Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beretta M9

This gun, once again, is used by the SOS.

The Beretta M9 is used by the American military as their primary sidearm. It fires 9x19mm Parabellum rounds. It fires bullets at 381 metres per second and has an effective range of 50m.

It does not seem that good in comparison to the other weapons I have posted about. The range is a lot less and the bullet velocity isn't that good, either. But it is a reliable sidearm. Every single part that makes up the gun is inter-changable, which is useful if something breaks or is damaged during a fight.

In the testing of this weapon, it has survived temperatures between minus forty and +60 degrees Celsius, being soaked in salt water, being dropped repeatedly on concrete and being buried in sand, mud and snow. This makes it useful in nearly any situation that might arise, and it is the reason why I chose it for the SOS.

The magazine for the M9 is fifteen rounds, and the gun weighs 952g and 1,162g when it's loaded. It is the lightest gun that I have done a post on so far and, since it's a pistol, this is not surprising.

This gun has featured in soooooooo many films, tv shows and video games I cannot even start to mention them all. Everything including any US military people, it's featured in.

All in all, a reliable and solid sidearm. Perhaps not the best of choices for specialised people due to the fact some criticisms have been made concerning its stopping power. But it is good for governments and armies due to its low cost and good reliability.

However, if you wanted a better suited handgun, the Sig Sauer P226 would probably be your best choice. It costs quite a bit more, though.

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